What do I need to do to prep my site? Do I need stone put down before my shed is built?

A stone pad is the best look but site prep is not needed if the spot for the shed is within 6 or 8" of level on solid ground. The larger sheds usually need crushed stone in order to level the site. Stone is also a good idea in  wet areas.  If you go with crushed stone it should be within 1 to 2" of level before we arrive to start the shed.

What access to the site is required?

Access for a trailer and material delivery within 25' of the shed site is preferred. Access to electricity within 100' is also needed.

Do I need a permit?

Every town can have different rules and regulations. Any permitting or zoning issues are the responsibility of the customer. That info usually can be found at  your local town hall.

How do I figure the total cost of my shed?

The prices for Utility, Select or Custom sheds are on their respective pages. That covers a complete shed with locking double doors. Optional features (and prices) that aren't included with your shed are listed on the options and upgrades page

No sales tax is charged as we are providing a construction service by building your shed on your site.

Are prices subject to change?

Prices change based on market conditions and material costs.  Your price is locked in when you schedule a start date.

What is your service area? How far will you travel?

The listed prices are good within 70 miles of Mt Tabor, Vt.  I often travel farther. Contact me to see if travel charges would apply.