Save money while getting a high-quality shed

Same quality of construction as our Custom Sheds

Don't need all the deluxe options included with a Custom Shed but still want a really nice building? Start with our basic Select Shed and add the options you like to make it yours.

Our Select Sheds have the same basic construction as our Custom Sheds, with the following exceptions:

  • 7/12  roof pitch (upgrade to 10/12 for a 10% upcharge)
  • 6" to 8" overhang / soffit detail instead of 10-12"
  • 30 yr architectural shingles (in lieu of lifetime warranty)
  • Double doors with an opening up to 5' wide (instead of 6')

Add a steep roof pitch, windows, vents, metal roof, overhangs, transom windows or upgraded siding.  Add what you want, leave out the rest, save hundreds!

There are no bad questions!

Give Mike Lucie a shout via email ( or phone (802-349-0684) to discuss your needs, desires and budget. All are important!

Get on the schedule to have your storage issues solved and your property value improved in one swoop!

Select Shed Pricing

Add 10% to the base price of a Select shed to have it built with a 10/12 steep roof pitch. Get the look of a Custom shed with a Select shed price.